From78-007 Grasshopper

An interview with a fellow Xennial

Today's episode is an interview with Grasshopper, another xennial who lived through the world's transition from not having the internet (and all the things & stuff that came with the internet) to a world that is totally dependent on the internet. 

Here are some things we talk about in this: 
  • Is Mapquest a scam by shoe stores & Denny's 
  • Emojis 
  • Online dating 
  • Xennials
  • Red Dawn
  • The three-lane way of thinking about time
  • Online banking
  • Buying music (with your own money!) 
  • Recording songs off the radio 
  • Hauntology, Ghosts, Specters
  • Economic crashes 
  • Cold war
  • 9/11
  • Retirement? Ha! 
  • Si-Fi & the imagined future 
  • The Westwing & House of Cards. 

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