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From78-009 Jason from the Regrettable Century

On this episode of From78 I talk with a fellow Podcrade from the Lost Horizon's Network, Jason from The Regrettable Century.

From78-008 Chris from The Regrettable Century

In this episode, From78 has a conversation with Chris from The Regrettable Century Podcast. It's a long episode (90 min), and that's after editing. An unedited version...

From78-007 Grasshopper

An interview with a fellow Xennial

From78-006 (Dialectical Pessimism with Comrade Adam Pt. 2)

The second part of my long conversation with Comrade Adam about dialectical pessimism.

From78-005 (Dialectical Pessimism with Comrade Adam Pt. 1)

The first part of a two-hour conversation with Comrade Adam from Red Library: A Political Education Podcast for Today's Left.

From78-004 French Horn Hero (Pt. 2)

The second part (and much more light-hearted) part of the interview I did with French Horn Hero.

From78-003 French Horn Hero (Pt. 1)

The first part of an interview with French Horn Hero. Before you listen PLEASE BE WARNED: This show talks about suicide. If that's a sensitive topic for you, you may w...


The second part of the pilot episode of From78, where the concept of Hauntology is discussed.