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From78-013 Rhythm 0

This episode of From78 is an audio essay talking about Maria Abramović's six-hour 1974 performance artwork titled Rhythm 0. I talk about my reaction to reading about this, and how I see it relating to the death drive and desire. WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT IN EPISODE.

From78-012 Jason from the Regrettable Century

On this episode of From78 I talk with a fellow Podcrade from the Lost Horizon's Network, Jason from The Regrettable Century.

From78-011 An essay on season two...

Hi folks. It's been a while but season two of From78 is starting today. I start the season with an audio-essay on what haunts me as I try to go to sleep.

From78-010 [UNLOCKED] Pateron only extrasode on education

This was a Patreon only episode, but it is now being released to the regular feed.

From78-009 Chris from The Regrettable Century

In this episode, From78 has a conversation with Chris from The Regrettable Century Podcast. It's a long episode (90 min), and that's after editing. An unedited version of the conversation is available on From78' Patreon page...


The first in a series of personal rambling about my own being a person in time.

From78-007 Grasshopper

An interview with a fellow Xennial

From78-006 (Dialectical Pessimism with Comrade Adam Pt. 2)

The second part of my long conversation with Comrade Adam about dialectical pessimism.

From78-005 (Dialectical Pessimism with Comrade Adam Pt. 1)

The first part of a two-hour conversation with Comrade Adam from Red Library: A Political Education Podcast for Today's Left.

From78-004 French Horn Hero (Pt. 2)

The second part (and much more light-hearted) part of the interview I did with French Horn Hero.

From78-003 French Horn Hero (Pt. 1)

The first part of an interview with French Horn Hero. Before you listen PLEASE BE WARNED: This show talks about suicide. If that's a sensitive topic for you, you may want to pass over this episode!


The second part of the pilot episode of From78, where the concept of Hauntology is discussed.


This is From78.